Thursday, January 5, 2012

Poking the tiger

  So I'm sitting here dissatisfied and thinking about what I'm really want out of life and what I'm good at and  my fingers type culinary school into google. Good heavens they are everywhere and which are the best? I type 'the best culinary schools with reviews" into google and now I know I'll have to move because honestly, why go, if your just going to mess around with community college? Been there done that. As I bow my head and think about all the changes I'd have to make. Feel the quavering deep inside and start to read. The one in New York is french cuisine and very well ranked, but there is a 45 minute commute on the subway each way and housing is ridiculously priced...damn, really liked that one. OK Now there is one near my Sis's house, but the traffic and again the housing is crazy high. Also, I never want to live in the valley again. Been there done that. WAIT a MINUTE now...there's a Le Cordon Bleu in Orlando near my fiance's niece and great niece (whom he's never met) AND it specializes in the tourist trade.
  After a minute to muster my courage I stride into the living room and relate all the info to Joe (fiance'). Holy COW! He says "sounds great" and we begin to plan. We'd be 35 minutes from your niece and this would give you a whole year to get to know her and and and...
  Now back to the laptop I go and look up Le Cordon Bleu Orlando, I'm pretty sure space and time jittered and before I can really think too much (this is always a good thing) I'm on the phone with a councilor. She kinda snippy and say's she will need to follow up with me the next day and I'm so excited that I can't get to sleep until I sleep through the follow up call. (OH CRAP!) Now my Sis will tell you that she and I keep strange hours. I get to bed about 3 am and and get up about 11am. Needless to say this is not working when the place you are trying to get ahold of is 3 hours later. I try calling, no response. I try emailing, no response...crap crap crap.
  Here is the funny thing, Joe and I continue to plan and prepare for the move of 3000 miles to go to a school I think I blew before I started. Over the next month he gets a wee bit testy about WHEN we need to be there, but really we continue to plan, order boxes, sell his chick magnet cars, buy an SUV with a trailer hitch for the Harley and talk about what to take and what to give away. Surreal right? Yeah baby I thought so too.
   Have you ever noticed how sneaky little details matter the most? I got a little folded survey in the mail. From Le Cordon Bleu. Yep I did. I filled it out and sent it right back. Yes, I say, I do want to attend, why yes I do want the executive chef program and no I do not need child care. Mailed it and breathing deeply offered up a prayer of hope.

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