Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Endless Packing and Other Craziness

  I thought I was so freakin clever. Started packing early while still dealing with school paperwork, buying a car, selling a car, fixing the new car, going to the DMV to pay tickets and get the new car registered and getting Joe's stuff out of storage. I should have paced myself. I am so tired.
   Our neighbor is a friend of the landlord and thought we were packing early so we could get out of paying the rent. (For heavens sake! We've been here 4 years.) A few phone calls and a check dissuaded him of that notion. But heavens, trying to get things organized with him knocking on the door 5 times a day was not fun. I showed my new patience and tolerance well though.
  School paperwork was fine until we got to the financial aid part and since money is not my forte', I had Joe sit in while we spoke to them. Made it worse, his accountant side came out and every tiny word had to be examined. Never doing that again. It turned out beautifully in the end though.
  Selling the car was an amazingly long and crazy process. I will never understand man things, really I won't. We put up an ad for a 1960 corvette, red ,4 speed, all original except the engine. Now please understand they make the parts for this car again and it's just a matter of sweat and money for this thing to be the car of a lifetime. We got calls, lots of em. But these guys were making offers that were insulting and calling 5 times a day to just talk and talk and talk. I finally called my brother and asked him what the deal was and he said for three days of time and phone calls they could shave 12,000 off the price, not bad for a few days work. WHAT? Really? So while Joe is on the phone for the bobillionth time, This guy offers half the asking price again and since it was on speaker phone I said, tell him he's insulting us and that we had already been offered 20,000. ( which is true BTW) He babbled and never called again. UH! So frustrating! After 3 ads in as many weeks, the Corvette sold to a calm reasonable man in Alabama. I still believe Joe just wanted the right person to have it.
  Buying a car is supposed to be stressful right? Well after we got smart and stopped going to dealerships, it got easy. We got a ten year old Ford Explorer in fine shape for 5,000. Any surprises you ask? Well the electrical in the doors had given up the ghost, so the doors wouldn't open unless you used a key. 299 at the dealership to fix it. Now we're talking!
  Now we have a car that actually drives, so it's time to get my license back and get Joes stuff out of storage where it has been gathering dust for 4 years. Yep you heard it, disgusting and considering Joe is NOT a cleaner, I can expect a nightmare. (Are you catching a trend here?) We drove up there to take a look and no surprises. it's dusty, dirty ,thrown in there are piles of clothes, tools, CD's, electrical components and a washer and dryer! Hey now! That's worth digging for right? You betcha! Thank God I started packing early, because we are on the forth trip there and STILL packing! Two months!!  Hold it now, let me back track. We have been taking the Harley everywhere for years, so having a car is luxury!
The DMV. Once again what a stressful place right? No, not really anymore. They still have the number calling thing going on so I did kinda feel like the sceen in Beetlegues, but the whole thing went well over all. Two appointments and a phone call. "sigh".
I'm just finishing the packing and moving it all into the pods. Sorted out the stuff we need for ourselves and the birds for the trip. Yes my darling I am tired, but you know when suddenly amidst the work you suddenly start to feel like it's almost Christmas? Oh my oh my, It;s almost Le Cordon Bleu!

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